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Day 2 of juice fasting

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Aug. 18th, 2010 | 02:21 pm
posted by: soharavsalienta in skinnyvegans

 I have never, ever fasted before.  Ever.  Mostly because I am crazy about cooking, and also because I assumed people would give me strange looks and insist on signing me up for an anorexia clinic.  But still.  

Returned from Europe on Monday, feeling brilliantly happy after an awesome sister vacation in Wiesbaden, Paris, and Biarritz, and also completely miserable because of lord knows what--the food in my father's house, jet lag, no sleep, the local cheese and the mussels our hotel's restaurant is famous for (did you know that a typical Pays-Basque snack is baguette with dark cherry jam, topped with a slice of sheep cheese, similar to Parmesan but softer?  Culture shock likewhoa.  In a good way), so I started juicing yesterday.  Yesterday it was a sort of green-lemonade juice with added honeydew, and today it's cucumber and honeydew during the day, and possibly something involving beets and watermelon tonight.  

Results:  woke up this morning with a headache and sore throat, but nothing that didn't go away quickly, and I didn't feel horrifically bloated or oversized, the way I did the day before (all right, plane food!).  I usually freak whenever I weigh above 130, and I came back from vacation 135.  Whether it was water weight or whatever else, I woke up this morning at 129.  Huge relief.

And it's nice to be back in a country which, although it has uncomfortably iffy ethics about food production and very sterile grocery stores, at least is sympathetic to people eschewing meat.  France is one of those lovely countries in which, if you say you do not eat meat, they offer you a plate of marvellously seasoned seafood, generally with the eyes, feelers, and claws still attached if we're talking shrimp or crayfish.  

I have no idea how long this juice fast thing is going to continue, but I have a tentative goal of 120 lbs.  For a 5'5" girl, I feel like that's healthy.  

But y'all.  Juicing pulp floods your sink and makes water slop over onto your cat's very large head.  I feel like I should share.

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