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New person!

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Jul. 23rd, 2010 | 02:21 pm
posted by: soharavsalienta in skinnyvegans

Hello, everyone; new member here!  Not concerned so much with weight loss as just overall health...which, I suppose, includes weight loss but isn't totally defined by it.

Current weight:  about 130 (I'm teaching at a summer program without a scale but with a horrendous cafeteria...so yeah.)
Current height:  5'5"
Goal weight:  115-120
Essential appearance goal:  I want my 24" waist back; it's about 26" right now.

Generally, I try to stick to the Natalia Rose detox program tailored to vegans (favorite lifestyle book is her Detox 4 Women), based around green vegetable juice, lots of fresh raw and some cooked vegetables, raw salads, avocados, young coconuts, dark chocolate, almond milk, soups, and some red wine.  

Realistically, I live with a carnivore--like a SAD carnivore, not a healthy one.  I love him to pieces, but he stocks the house with chicken wings, Doritos, goldfish, and tubs of cheap ice cream and then has the irritating habit of barely eating any of it, so he's exactly my height and weight; pisses me off in a very loving sort of way.  I'm also the household cook, so not only does my cat get fresh, raw cat food, but I make the boyfriend steak and tortilla pizzas and things like that.  I have to; he hates all vegetables but broccoli...

So my goal for this year is to strictly follow Natalia's program, despite everything that will be in the pantry.  I quit juicing because the darn juicer was just too cumbersome to clean, and I never had a really good movement routine in the mornings, like rebounding or yoga.  I've also got to quit baking bread; it's my weakness, far more than sweet things.  

Other issues:  I'm going to Europe in four days (!) to see family and go on a sister-sister trip to France, and I do not know if my father has even heard of tofu, much less veganism.  German food is kinda bratwurst-heavy...and France is filled with croissants and goat cheese and seafood that may induce me to vacation indulging because, hey, how often does a culinary freak get to travel to France?  

Have any of you gone to Europe and successfully managed to stay vegan? 

Also, when I get back from Europe (third week in August), is there anyone else who juices and would like to team up online?  It's so much easier to commit to doing something if you feel you're not just being an absolute freak of nature.  =)


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from: danny_pants
date: Oct. 10th, 2010 11:37 pm (UTC)

I would love to team up online! Looking into doing the raw thing myself. It all started with a book. Now I'm here!

If you are so inclined: Gloygirl@aol.com
Or, find me on Facebook. (I check that more than my email, haha)

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from: makamkaki
date: Oct. 30th, 2010 06:54 am (UTC)

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