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Vegans sharing tips to lose weight
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Vegan people who wants to share weight loss tips
This community is for anyone who is vegan and want tips to lose weight while having a healthy lifestyle. This place is not exclusively for people with eating disorders, but they are welcome here, as long as they are on a vegan diet. Just take note that it's a place where we give healthy tips and we want to help people eating well. If you are not yet a vegan, but want to be one, and need advice, feel free to come here, ask questions and try different things.

You can post about :

- Your stats, your goals, your progress
- What you ate today, calories, etc.
- Cooking ideas, recipes
- Diet tips you want to share
- Books, websites, anything interesting about vegan food
- How you feel about yourself and your weight. It can also be a support community
- Pictures : of you, food, what makes you happy
- Feel free to ask questions about being vegan, weight loss tips or anything related
- Other subjects like animal cruelty and environnement concern are allowed too, since it has something to do with being vegan

You do NOT have to be skinny to join. It's just a title. You only have to be vegan. Or want to be :)
Welcome and have fun.